QSY Field Day 2011 Slide Show

QSY Field Day 2011, 85 Sheafe Rd, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY -Jun 25, 2011

by Shirley- N2QKP

Field Day: a test of amateur radio skills under emergency conditions, a contest, education, and meeting friends over great food. QSY Society operated 3A plus a GOTA and VHF. We got bonus points for solar power, PSK31 education session, had 100+ operators/visitors, and operated all night. We had a tribander up 40′ on a mobile tower with a 10 meter vertical on top, an 80 meter OCF dipole, 160 meter OCF dipole, 40 meter vertical inverted V, 40 meter EDZ, 40 meter Bobtail Curtain, 20 meter Delta …

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Photos Credits: Bill NG2D, Scott W2NTV, JB WA2WMJ, Shirley N2SKP, and Finn WB2UWU.

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