Icom R71A Receiver For Sale

I was contacted by someone that has an Icom R71A Receiver for sale. It is from an estate. Contact is Monica and she said someone connected an antenna an it appears to be working. She prefers to sell it locally so make an offer if you are interested.

Monica’s Email is : cottagedoor61@verizon.net or contact me Fred, KC2QFR, for her phone number.

73 de Fred, KC2QFR@arrl.net

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  1. rmelhado says:

    I took a few pictures at the Morse event .
    I think you will enjoy them…

    I posted them on my facebook page . Its open to the public..

    Ted , K2JMY and I had a great time !
    We both worked all 3 stations after we got home…

    C Ya at the next meeting !
    73 Bob de WA2JQK

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