Silent Keys

Unfortunately there are times in our lives when we have to say a final “goodbye” to fellow hams.  Hopefully, as is most often the case, it is after a long, full life.  Sometimes though, our friends are taken suddenly and all to soon.  In any case, they leave an emptiness behind that only our fond memories can help to fill.

“73” to all those hams we’ve known and loved.

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QSY Society new member Richard Walbert AC2MT

Jim Gilmartin KB2WGE – Silent Key

SK – Donald Stein W2PTF

Bill Hoenig WA2WEJ – SK 10/2004

Kyle Yancy, 44, SK — KC2VDG

Mike Koss W9SU (SK)

William Kilmer WA2AKX SK 10/21/2010

Linda Ferdinand N2YL SK 5/4/2010

Bob Paulsen W2KPZ SK 1/23/2010

Ted Klein W2QYE SK 12/14/2009