QSY NET on 3.576 9PM

I challenge everyone to check in at least once to the QSY NET… 3.576 at 9pm most nights….  

After you copy QNI… send a letter…. For example… V…. the net control will send back that V…. you then say… Good evening… DE.. callsign…   and then QRU..(which means any traffic)….  

We will go at your speed… we will not embarrass you… it is funnnn

trust me… cw is loads of fun!! we dont bite….

3 thoughts on “QSY NET on 3.576 9PM

  1. Been looking for a week and haven’t found the net. Is it still going or has it moved?


  2. Yes… it has moved… it has moved to 144.050…. however…. We can schedule a net back on 3.576…. let me know

    the speed is around 12-15 wpm…. BUT we accommodate everyone… if you do 5wpm that is great…. if you do 30wpm+ ok…


  3. Hi All, Field Day was a great day to test out your equipment even in the rain, Thanks to KC2DAA (Adam) the food was great, Thanks to all who helped me set up and take down the equipment. I’m happy this is only a test for emergancy’s We need to QSO More..All and All we did good, THANK YOU ALL….WA2WMJ JB


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