QRP in the Park

The QSY Society will hold its annual “QRP in the Park” activity on Saturday, November 5, 2011 immediately following the monthly meeting.  Please note that this date is also the ARRL Annual CW Sweepstakes Contest so there should be plenty of stations on the air.

We will set up after the meeting in the East Fishkill park adjacent to the library parking lot; same place as last year.

The deal is:  You bring you own radio, power source and antenna.  Last year we  had a good turnout.  This year, at least three more members now own QRP radios.  You don’t have a QRP rig???  Then bring your ‘whatever’ rig and just lower the power to 5 watts CW or 10 watts SSB.   You have a mobile rig?  OK – no problem – you can run from the parking lot next to the park.  You don’t have any QRP rig at all?  Not to worry – someone is sure to let you experience the pure joy of simple, low power operating into a simple wire antenna.

So dress warmly, bring a thermos filled with hot coffee or tea, and enjoy a brisk autumn day of QRP in the Park.

Sometimes simple is best!

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