Member Ulrich N2DE to Operate from South Africa and Lesotho

Hi all.  I received the following email from our member Ulrich N2DE.  For those of you with interest, I will post any further details and operating times and frequencies he gives me here so check back.  Also, if you know of people in other local clubs who might be interested, or perhaps people in our own club who don’t use this QSY website much you might pass along this info.  Finally, do not be put off by his PAR EndFEDZ antenna.  This is the same antenna I’ve brought to our meetings several times for demonstrations + I’ve worked South Africa on 5 watts from Fishkill using the exact same antenna.  It’s all up to the gods of propagation.  QRP works!

From Ulrich:

“I have now also received permission to operate in South Africa as
ZSx/N2DE.   We are leaving this Friday, January 18, and will be there
until February 24.  The KX3, the Begali Adventure, and a CW Machine are in
the bag together with the LNRPrecision end-fed dipole.  I will let you know by
email when and where I am QRV.  We will start from Cape Town
(ZS1/N2DE), drive along the Indian Ocean (ZS2/N2DE)
to Durban(ZS5/N2DE), then turn westward to the Drakensberge into Lesotho
(7P8US), where we will stay for several days to explore this beautiful
mountain country, then to Bloomfontein through the Free State (ZS4/N2DE) to
Kimberley (ZS3/N2DE), and then back through the desert and eventually the
wine region to Cape Town. (at least that’s the plan, subject to changes
on the spot).   It will be a true test for the KX3 and the Adventure in
a very beautiful country.

I sure hope that we can manage a QSO. Maybe you can inform some folks
at the Club with amplifiers and beam antennas of my whereabouts, too.

73, Ulrich  N2DE”

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