The QSY Society was formed in 1996 by a group of hams who felt there was a legitimate need for an alternative to the conventional ham radio club. These plank owners observed that formal structure, business discussions, and the focus on the more traditional aspects of emergency operations and public service often left precious little time for good old fashioned social interaction and sharing.

The purpose of QSY Society is to create an environment in which persons with an interest in ham radio – whether licensed or not – can come together to explore the many facets of amateur radio in an informal and friendly environment where there are “no dumb questions” and “no smart answers.”

QSY Society is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) . We have “Coordinators” instead of traditional “Officers”. Membership is FREE and all members are LIFE MEMBERS! One need only complete a simple application form. Meetings are held once a month at the East Fishkill Community Library.

Activities may include social time, a “Show ‘n Tell” session, presentations on subjects of interest to members, guest speakers, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and planning discussions for operating events, social gatherings, and field trips. The “Big Event” each year is our planning and participation in Field Day. This event is held on the last weekend in June at a local park. We operate club station K2QS from emergency power sources and try to make as many contacts as possible in a 24 hour period.

QSY Society is not in competition with any of our local ham radio clubs. Although we do not engage – as a club – in public service, disaster preparedness, volunteer examiner, and other traditional ham club activities, the majority of our members belong to one or more of our sister organizations and do indeed fully participate in these activities as members of those organizations!

By choosing to focus primarily on fellowship, socializing, and exploring the many different aspects of the amateur radio hobby, members can enjoy a different kind of club experience that complements, rather than competes, with their other local affiliations.

Try it. You’ll like it!

Club Call K2QS

Position Name Callsign Email Contact Address
Coordinator 2023 Mark WA2NYY WA2NYY@arrl.net
Coordinator 2023 Scott W2NTV W2NTV@arrl.net
Official Club Contact Shirley N2SKP n2skp@arrl.net
Treasurer & Signer Shirley N2SKP
Insurance Shirley N2SKP n2skp@arrl.net
Meeting Site Coord.
Public Relations Shirley N2SKP n2skp@arrl.net
Email List Shirley N2SKP n2skp@arrl.net
QSL Manager
QRZ.com Mgr. Scott W2NTV W2NTV@arrl.net
K2QS Trustee Scott W2NTV W2NTV@arrl.net
Blog & List Serve Coord.  Shirley N2SKP n2skp@arrl.net
QSY History and Archives Shirley N2SKP n2skp@arrl.net