Rules and Regulations

If you have a question about R&R (no, not Rest and Recreation,  but Rules and Regulations) by FCC, here is a quick link to get it from the horse’s mouth.

I was remembering a rule in the past, that if you had contact
with a DX station, you were required to send both your and  his / her call, not just yours, when IDing. I do not see that requirement in the current part 97.


Field Day 2011 PSK31 Education Presentation

See the link below for a copy of the QSY Society Field Day 2011 PSK31 Education Event at Bowdoin Park, Wappingers Falls NY. This education and hands on event was prepared and present by KC2QFR, Fred a QSY Society member.

FD2011 PSK31 Training

73 de KC2QFR – Fred