QSY Society Field Day 2013 Photo Gallery

ARRL Field Day 2013

was held by the QSY Society  June 22 and June 23rd at Bowdoin Park, Town of Wappinger in Dutchess County NY. 

PrintWe operated  with the club’s call sign K2QS, Section ENY (Eastern New York), Class 3A. Stations: 3 HF, 1 VHF, 1 GOTA. Bands 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 + VHF  6, and 2 meters. Plus Satellites.

Shirley – N2SKP  put together a nice compilation of photos provided by our members. See QSY Society Field Day 2013 Photo Gallery

QSY Society Field Day 2012 Photo Gallery

QSY Field Day 2012Field_Day_logo
Bowdoin Park, Poughkeepsie, NY –
Jun 23, 2012
by Shirley
Wire antennas and family participation predominates 2012 – we had a total of 92 hams & nonhams (60 / 32), which included 39 who were related to one another. This emphasizes the uniqueness of QSY’s Field Day – something for everyone – from the serious side of contesting … to the skill of setting up and operating under emergency conditions … and the enjoyment of getting together with friends and family through the common bond of this cool hobby!

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QSY Field Day 2011 Slide Show

QSY Field Day 2011, 85 Sheafe Rd, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY -Jun 25, 2011

by Shirley- N2QKP

Field Day: a test of amateur radio skills under emergency conditions, a contest, education, and meeting friends over great food. QSY Society operated 3A plus a GOTA and VHF. We got bonus points for solar power, PSK31 education session, had 100+ operators/visitors, and operated all night. We had a tribander up 40′ on a mobile tower with a 10 meter vertical on top, an 80 meter OCF dipole, 160 meter OCF dipole, 40 meter vertical inverted V, 40 meter EDZ, 40 meter Bobtail Curtain, 20 meter Delta …

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Photos Credits: Bill NG2D, Scott W2NTV, JB WA2WMJ, Shirley N2SKP, and Finn WB2UWU.