Field Day 2017

The QSY Society Amateur Radfd2017io Club operated Field Day 2017 at Dutchess County’s Bowdoin Park with the  My Beacon Amateur Radio Club on Saturday June 24th  and Sunday June 25th.

Bill NG2D has been hard at work on a brief FD video (the program allows only 3 minutes) – enjoy! The link is:

Shirley N2SKP has put together Field Day 2017 Web Album w/photos from members at the following link

Field Day 2016

FIELD DAY!2016 Field Day Logo

The QSY Society Amateur Radio Club is operating Field Day at Dutchess

County’s Bowdoin Park, Pavilion 4 from 2pm Saturday June 25 through 2pm Sunday June 26. Bowdoin Park is located at 85 Sheafe Road in the town of Poughkeepsie.

You’re invited to come watch, operate, and meet other hams. Bring friends and family. If you can’t, but want to contact us on the air, we’re operating as K2QS. (GOTA is K2CXP)

We’re also operating a GOTA (Get On The Air) station, especially for those new hams, inactive hams, or non-hams (with a licensed control operator at the operating point). Technician and Novice class licensees are also encouraged to participate. 

Joining us on Sunday will be the Dutchess County Office of Emergency Response, with their staffed Mobile Command Vehicle.

Questions? Contact Paul KD2CCW 845 705-9281 or Scott W2NTV at or 845 705-7247. Visit our club website at and see past Field Days in the photo gallery.

We will be using 146.970 PL 100 as the repeater to coordinate talk-in for those of use who will be going there for the first time. As you get closer 146.500 will be our simplex.

Find us, (search for K2QS) and other clubs at the ARRL Field Day Locator:

Learn more about Field Day at

PS please ask for special directions if you’re thinking of attending before 8am or after 9pm – the main gate is locked but you can drive up and around to come in. 


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