Frank Stone KB2YUR SK 7/17/2007

It is with a heavy heart that I let you know that Frank Stone, KB2YUR,
passed away in the early afternoon of July 17th, 2007. As many of you
know, Frank was battling an illness for a long time. He fought it till
the end, even when the odds were against him. Many of his friends and
family visited Frank the night before, and while he was not physically
responsive, he knew we were all there.

For those who did not know Frank, he was the SEC for Eastern New York.
He was 100% dedicated to amateur radio, participating in many drills,
activations and public service events. He also organized the
communications for the recent Empire State Games in the Hudson Valley.

Frank was the type of person who was always there to lend a hand where
ever it was needed. He was extremely giving of his time and resources.
He built the first HF antenna I ever used.

Frank leaves behind his wife Sylvia, K2SLY. Those of you who knew the 2
of them know that Frank was a loving husband, and Sylvia loved him
beyond words. It has always been “Frank and Sylvia” and it always will
be. Their relationship should be an example to anyone who had the
pleasure of knowing him.

Frank may no longer be here physically. But if we have learned anything
from Frank, and try to follow his example of being not only a great ham
but a great person, than his spirit will always be with us.

73 and 88 to all
Jim – K2CSS

Frank Stone KB2YUR