A film from Metro Goldwyn Mayer that promotes Amateur Radio has surfaced
on the Internet. Produced in 1939 by Pete Smith, “Radio Hams”
centers on a family called to dinner. All but the teenage son respond.
When family members go looking for him, one by one they are snared into
a world of ham radio high adventure. One that includes a rescue in
Alaska and a tragic search for a downed aircraft at sea.

Unlike most films promoting ham radio, this one is _not _a documentary.
It’s a fully scripted 10 minute dramatic presentation featuring a cast
of professional actors well directed by Felix Fiest. E. Mauriece Adler
is credited with writing the screen play.

“Radio Hams” is really a nostalgic look back at ham radio, the way it
never was.

You can see it on-line at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBGIdf0VjQ4

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