My favorite web sites

Since I did not make it to the December meeting,
here are my favorite web sites :
73 Finn WB2UWU
I think that Google is self explanatory.
OneLook is my favorite when I need a Dictionary.
For more detail of a subject I go to Wikipedia.
I go to NIST when I need to know the exact time.
To look up a call sign I use QRZ.
I use ftpCommander to edit the QSY Society web pages,
and check to see if I did OK.
I check the MBARC website once in a while.
I download the two Newsline files once a week so I can
read the text and transmit the .mp3 file on Monday night.
I use O’Briens Web page to see who among the SKCC members
are looking for a contact.
I do my on-line banking in the Credit Union.
I order prescription medicine from Medco.
I check our VISA credit card postings between statements.
I have done quite a bit of buying and selling on eBay.
I use PayPal to do business on eBay and other places that
accept PayPal.
If I am looking for a book, DVD or VHS tape I go to Half.
My personalized TV-Listings.
My Google Mail.
The Poughkeepsie weather and a lot of other info.