QSY Member is part of the Project Blue Horizon record-breaking team

A team of ‘early career engineers’ at Lockheed Martin who are also pursuing graduate degrees at Cornell University has broken the world amateur high altitude balloon record in a “near space” flight that exceeded 125,000 feet.

QSY’s John Ceccherelli N2XE emailed me: Yep, I’m the advisor/mentor/subcontractor for the project. We broke the altitude record and next year we’re shooting to cross the atlantic.

We flew some flights with HF and I made the students use CW (we used my DSW-20 and a MFJ morse decoder for command and control)

I want to make a meeting and tell you all about it if my schedule will ever ease up.

XE fans can read more, with photos at http://tinyurl.com/6xlfa6