This is a 2-el Yagi made from dipoles bent in the shape of a U, the longer element is the reflector, the input Z is 50 ohms and no matching network is needed.

Gain is about 6 dB, FB about 25-30 dB.

Resonant Frequency = 51.088, SWR = 1:1 measured with MFJ 269 Analyzer.

SWR is under 1.6 from 50.000 to 54.000 MHz.

Driven Element is 80in end to end with 1/2in space at feed point. The driven element also has a 10 1/4in elbow on both ends.

Reflector Element is 80 1/2in end to end, with 15 3/8in elbow on each end.

Width of antenna is 29 3/4in. Spacing between Driven element and Reflector element elbows is 4 1/8in. Make the SWR measurements by moving the reflector close to the driven element or away from driven element.

This was a fun project, coming from a Lawn Chair to an Antenna that works great, it has been tested and works great. Refer to website http://www.moxonantennaproject.com/design.htm


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