August Meeting WSPR Mode Presentation/Demo

At the QSY meeting on Tuesday I will be doing a presentation and demo of WSPR Weak Signal Propagation reporter. Runs QRP so it is good for all. I will explain how to use it for your own propagation and antenna studies/evaluation.

See and for some reading before the meeting.

If someone has a portable MP-1 vertical, hamstick or buddipole, anything else thats a quick setup (for 30m QRP) I can have it running live on 30m where most activity occurs, otherwise I will run on 20m with my hamsticks.

To see the propagation reporter database go here:

It should come up live for my call but if not put my call in as follows then push go to see how the system works for reporting.

Search for call:
Show spots heard by:

You can also go to and do the same thing (database link).
Click activity to see who is on what band.

73 de Fred KC2QFR