Just my opinion…

Last night, QSY Society had our regular monthly meeting and the topic for the evening was a conversation among the members regarding the things about Ham Radio that they particularly enjoy. Everyone in the room was given an opportunity to speak for a few minutes about the hobby as it pertains to them.

There were a few recurring themes that were discussed that I’d like to address. Several members indicated that one of their goals is to learn or increase speed in CW operating. I know that there used to be (still is??) a “QSY Society CW Net” on 3,576 KHz that meets every night at 9:00pm. This net was designed for anyone who wanted to practice their CW operating skills. If this net isn’t active currently, it is simply due to under use. A link for more information about this net follows… QSY CW Net. If that time slot doesn’t work for you, make a sked with someone else in the club.

Another topic mentioned by several members was the fact that they do not have an antenna up. My suggestion is that if you want to get an antenna up before the winter comes, LET OTHERS KNOW!! If you do not have an antenna to put up, there are members that will help you build one. Alternatively, you can purchase one and solicit some help to put it up. I am guilty of not taking action in my own shack when it comes to this but listening to others during the meeting made me realize that we are all in the hobby together. Pick a day that works for you, then send an email out (or a message on the reflector), or make a couple of phone calls. I am certain that you would be able to get a couple of people to help out for a while and get you on the air.

I think that Shirley is going to include as part of the meeting minutes, a list of members who were at the meeting and the topics each person discussed. For example, I talked about digital modes and operating portable. I would be happy to assist anyone who is trying to get on the digital modes. I am by no means an expert but I would be happy to try and help. Fred, KC2QFR is another member who is active with digital modes and I know he is willing to help others as well. Use this list.

I want to thank everyone that came to the meeting and participated. I heard several good comments from folks and I for one, thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone. We had members present who are very newly licensed and we had members who have been licensed over 50 years! The one last thing I’d like to stress is that this is YOUR club and don’t be afraid to tap into the resources that are available. 73.

John N2QMT