Old Timer’s Day to Feature a Special Raffle

The next meeting of the QSY Society will be held on Saturday, March 5, at 10:30 a.m. at the East Fishill Community Library.

The theme for this meeting is “OLD TIMERS’ DAY” – if you have renewed your license two (2) times then you are a bona fide “old timer”.

The purpose of this blog entry is to solicit the participation of all you “old timers” out there; to ask you to think about the time you’ve spent in our wonderful hobby over the years, to search your archives for interesting QSL cards, pictures, project details; to root around in your cellars and attics for that piece of old gear to bring for show and tell; to remember your military service in a world before email, camera phones, satelliites, internet, and “everything here runs on 12 volts DC.”

It would be especially neat if we could accumulate enough old working gear to put up a boat anchor station.  I can contribute an antenna changeover relay and a vertical antenna and I can probably talk the library into giving me the window crank for our meeting so we can run the coax out.  If we can’t actually put a station on-the-air, it would still be nice to have some equipment out on static display.

So, if you’ve got any gear you are intending to bring in, please send me ( wb2lqf@arrl.net ) a ‘heads-up’ email.  I realize the meeting is 3 weeks off but “planning ahead” usually trumps “hoping for the best.”

ALSO – in recognition of OLD TIMERS’ DAY, we will be having not only the regular 50/50 raffle, but also a second raffle for which you can buy tickets to take a chance on winning a brand new (unopened package) TEN TEC Model 1054 4 band regenerative SWL receiver.  This little kit is easy to build and, according to the reviews, is very sensitive and really pulls the stations in!  All proceeds will of course go to the QSY Treasury to fund our 2011 Field Day activities.

So please DO check your calendars and come on out and join the party on Saturday, March 5.

73, Stan WB2LQF and Fred KC2QFR

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