Ham Radio Needs Your Support – Please Read This!

Regardless of whatever personal opinions you may hold about ARRL, they really need our help in beating down the ill-conceived bill sponsored by NY’s Peter King that would cause us to lose the 70 cm band.

Please – do the right thing and lend your weight to this politcal effort even if you could care less about 440 mHz.   It’s easy to do.  I just went from email to finished, stamped letter in less than 15 minutes.  Everything you need to know is detailed below.  Remember, today it’s 70 cm; tomorrow it could be one of your frequencies!

Please read information at the following link regarding HR607:


“ARRL is asking its members to contact their US representatives in
opposition to the sections of HR 607 that could affect the Amateur
Radio Service allocation at 420-440 MHz. HR 607 is a direct threat is a
direct threat to our limited spectrum and the ARRL encourages all
amateurs to appropriately voice their opposition to this bill.”

A Sample Letter for addressing this matter is at:

Letters MUST go to the ARRL representative in Washington (Chwat and
Co), NOT directly to your local Representative in Congress. Due to how
postal mail is now physically processed to Congress, post 9/11, delays
in timely deliver, sometimes of months or more, can be incurred. The
ARRL representative will hand deliver letters on this matter to the
appropriate locations/people  Full Contact info for Chwat and Co is at:

Information is also available at: http://www.hudson.arrl.org

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