From the SKCC Yahoo group

This is an interesting topic on the SKCC yahoo group …  I would like to see some of your comments on this

Scott W2NTV



In addition to CW, I occasionally do PSK31. I tend to find PSK31 a bit boring
sometimes because of how easy it propagates and how it lacks the “challenge”
aspect of copying Morse.

But there’s something I notice, and was wondering if anyone else had seen this.
PSK31 seems to be about exchanging QSL-card-type info, and your computer setup,
usually through presets in the software, and then you’re done. I don’t use
presets (except for calling CQ and responding to a call) and try to converse and
ragchew instead. They’re already calling CQ someone else by that point.

In my experience at least CW always started out with the exchange of
QSL-card-type info, but there is the tendency to chat about other things, such
as how long you’ve been a ham and stuff like that.

Does anyone else notice these things or is it just my luck?

73, Dan K3DRQ

FISTS #13110, SKCC #4493

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