Field Day 2011 – What a Great Show it was!

FIELD DAY 2011 was an outstanding success from every perspective!  We made more contacts than last year, accumulated more points than last year, and had a totally enjoyable experience.  The food was delicious and plentiful, the weather cut us some slack, and the equipment purred along without a complaint!  Let’s thank ourselves for the effort we put forth.  Since we are a ‘non-club’ it only gets done if we do it, therefore we have to thank ourselves  and each other for our efforts.  Let’s also recognize those who went the extra mile – Scott W2NTV, our Field Day Coordinator and JB WA2WMJ, our major antenna supplier, both of whom lent us the major portion of the equipment we used; Frank W2GIO who totally handled the VHF end; Nick, N2QZ who took the lead to establish our network; Adam KC2DAA who fed us; Shirley N2SKP for the zillion little things she stuffed into her car and then organized on-site.    Pictures will be posted soon.  A collection of candid videos will be edited into an online video remembrance of Field Day 2011 and posted shortly.

73  from Stan WB2LQF and Fred KC2QFR

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