Special Event Station W2S – 42nd Anniversary of Woodstock 1969

WB2LQF will operate during this period as Special Event Station W2S. Although advertised as “QRP”, I can increase power to a whopping 10-15 watts if conditions warrant.  I’ll be using my Elecraft K2 which just happens to use a pair of 2SC1969 transistors in the final stage. Seems fitting enough!

Since this is a personal effort (just me), I’ll be switching back and forth between 40 and 20 meters depending on conditions. I’ll try to stay within 1 or 2 kHz of the published frequencies when QRM requires QSY.

To receive a certificate please send me a stamped and self-addressed 9×12 manilla envelope.

If you are interested in seeing what the original site looks like today, 42 years later, I made a 5 minute video and uploaded it to Youtube.

Just click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CBNmyUtbvI

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