• By Hans Johansson, SM0IMJ

Following ST0R Southern Sudan activities the last couple of days, I’m no longer that proud to be a radio amateur.

A team of people spend their time and money to make a new DXCC available to the global amateur radio community; doing a wonderful job to “add another one to our logbooks”.

And what happens?

Other “fellow” radio amateurs make their best effort to disturb ST0R. Tuning, minutes of dot’s-and-dashes and other deliberate QRM on ST0R’s frequency. Why?

Let this type of behavior be something that we all take with us to our local amateur radio society, local / international amateur radio meetings and individual eye-to-eye contacts and use as a bad example of Ham Spirit and DX Code of Conduct.

Let’s turn back to normal behaviour and re-establish Ham Spirit on our bands.

Make me a proud radio amateur again… 🙂


PS. My warmest 73 to the ST0R team; you’re doing a great job putting a new DXCC in my log and thousands of others too.

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