K2UXP needs a bit of help – perhaps you can assist??

I am a new member of MBARC and have a request.  Due to a recent 
hip replacement, I really cannot tree climb or do much ladder work and the  like.  My lot size is 100x200 feet with  some large trees.  
I have had a windom multi-band up for 14 years at a height of some 30  feet---137 feet, dropped at both ends about 6 feet between two maple trees and  crossing over my roof, and through another maple.   One end with  pulley and weight.   Within the last month, the drop-down at the  non-pulley end has slipped (the plastic cable stays gave way) and now the  antenna wire sags badly.  Rather than repair the existing windom, I have a  new,  same windom and want to put it up, perhaps somewhat higher?   When in good shape, the crossing wire was at about 4 feet 
above the roof ridge---now it is laying on the roof ridge. 
Well, the above is the situation.  At least in my experience, the  best 
time to deal with tree wire antennas is when most of the leaves have 
fallen.  But then its colder and less daylight.  Will appreciate  your comments and assistance. 
Ron Rosen   K2UXP

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