Japan on 5 Watts and a 44′ Wire in the Attic

Hello Stan
Thanks for the nice QSO.

I am very surprise to know your rig and ant.
Good job ,Stan.

I am using 200W and 5 ele monoband yagi up 25 meters high.
I will send you my QSL card via BURO.
I am looking confirm your QSL.

Good luck and Good DX Stan.

de JH7VHZ Ume

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> from one of our registered users:

3 thoughts on “Japan on 5 Watts and a 44′ Wire in the Attic

  1. Nice contact Stan!

    Can’t wait to get my QSL card from JA8RRF I worked when I was mobile QRP driving home. Yes…it was in CW!

    I even made a video of it. My knee on steering wheel while one hand on the IPhone and the other on the key. LOL!


  2. Actually I did post the vid on YouTube. Check it out!


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