Always Nice to Make Someone’s Day ;)

VK2DX Ham radio blog


Late morning start – beaming to US via the long path on 20m.
The very first one to answer my CQ was actually a 5 watter EA8BWY/QRP.
Very exciting and promising. Unfortunately run to US was painfully slow
with just a bunch of stations worked.

Slow run got me distracted – I caught myself drifting away chasing TO5G on RTTY.
Half of my operating time went on that one, but I guess it was worth it.

10m open very late, just at the time I had to catch bus to work.

Overall: one very slow morning.

Then came the email which made my day:

Hello, Nick.

You might be interested to know that I worked you today at approx. 1945 
UTC on 14.024.945 with my K3 at 4 watts into a 44 foot doublet in my

73, Stan WB2LQF
KX1 #2411 K1#2994 K2# 6980 K3#5244 K9 #1 (Cocoa the Chihuahua)
Everything is QRP, even the dog.

NOTE:  Nick VK2DX is located right in the center of Australia, approximately 10,500 miles away (and long path would make it about 14,500 miles).

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