Bill Hoenig WA2WEJ – SK 10/2004

Bill Hoenig WA2WEJ – SK 10/2004

Bill Hoenig WA2WEJ SK

Bill Hoenig WA2WEJ SK

Bill WA2WEJ was a ham’s ham.. extremely intelligent, willing to share information, help
others, and known to often time out repeaters during his radio discussions! – Shirley N2SKP

“If you want the correct answer! Ask Bill WA2WEJ…I was one of the Hams who would be on the repeater listening to Bill when he would time it out, We did some simplex work but Bill

wanted the new hams to hear what he had to say, So we stayed on the repeaters…We also tested many antennas during the time I knew Bill, Do I miss him ? BIG YES…JB WA2WMJ

The following is from I am adding this entry late due to finding out this i

nformation late. Bill was the last of the “real HAMS” that took experimentation very seriously. He encouraged and supported many of the lives he touched, including mine, to build it, test it and make it work. That is a dying art in Amateur Radio today. Bill never lost that principle. He would argue the point of the newer folks in the hobby today put down 200

bucks, get an HT and they call themselves a HAM. While controversial, true. Nobody built things like Bill. There is much truth to the saying ” you never know what you had until it’s gone”. Well, Bill is gone and we lost a very valuable individual; the likes of which this area

will probably never see again. Bill, where ever you are, you made a difference. God bless you my friend, until we meet again; but not yet.

Contributed by: AJ Cioffi (N2KI)

Bill Hoenig WA2WEJ transmatch

WA2WEJ transmatch

I had the pleasure of spending one full afternoon with Bill in his shack – he made time just for me. As a new HAM I was interested in building a transmatch that he designed and showed at a QSY Society meeting earlier that year. Luckily, I took a few photographs of his transmatch and I share one of those here, with Bill holding it. It is a fine example of what N2KI stated earlier – “Nobody built things like Bill.” Bill’s electronics expertise was entirely self-taught, and the depth of his understanding of the subject became clear any time he would talk about his current project. I miss you, Bill, and I will never forget that time you gave to me.

Contributed by: Bob Solimeno (KC2JAV)

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