60-Meter Operations – New Privileges and Recommended

Interesting… You can now do Digital and CW there…  think I will give that a try



One thought on “60-Meter Operations – New Privileges and Recommended

  1. Be sure you understand the rules. My understanding from reading the rules and ARRL statements you must be on the channel frequency. That means basically one signal per channel. SSB, RTTY or Digital modes approved for operation on 60m. Do not try and move around on the waterfall. You may get a violation ticket. I am assuming they will monitor it closely. I will not operate there, too risky. Just because someone is calling do not answer unless you believe it is legal. If someone believes different, please investigate and post a response.

    Be sure you read and understand this as a minimum. http://www.arrl.org/60-meter-faq

    73 de Fred KC2QFR


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