Lighthouse Event Saturday 18th … 9:30 until ???

Hello everyone… I hope your summer is going well…. the next QSY Society event will be The ILLW… (The Esopus Lighthouse)… This is a very low key event… Lots of fun… and only a few hours long…. This is a BYO Radio event… though I will be bringing a radio to share…. If you bring your own radio, YOU ensure that YOU can operate; YOU can operate when YOU want; …. and YOU can operate the mode YOU prefer;… etc… I will bring a package of Hot dogs and buns… So I hope others will bring something to share as well….,-73.948631&spn=0.03835,0.077248&z=13&source=embed

starting time… 9:30 AM Saturday Aug 18th… (9:30-1:30 or so)

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