EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications course-Free

From: David Galletly <d4star@…>
Sent: Wed, Feb 20, 2013 10:36 am
Subject: EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications course

In an effort to make Emergency Communications training more widely available,
two classroom sessions of the ARRL’s EC-001 Introduction to Emergency
Communications course will begin shortly. This course is a complete rewrite of
the original Level 1, 2 and 3 courses of years past and now more closely follows
the Incident Command System (ICS) used by government agencies. This course
requires proof of completion of FEMA IS-100 and 700 as prerequisites for taking
the final certification exam. The exam closely follows the style of a standard
VE session with a 35 question multiple choice test scored by two accredited
Field Examiners (FI). The exam fee is $15, same as a VE session.

As part of the ENY section’s Statement of Understanding with the Northeast New
York Region of the American Red Cross, the class sessions will be held at ARC
facilities. We will do the classes in two methods: a 6 week set of Thursday
evening sessions and a two full day set of Saturday sessions. Both will
conclude with an exam given at the last session.
There is no charge for the class. The text (optional but highly recommended) is
$24.99 from ARRL but we can get a 25% discount if pre-ordered and pre-paid
through the instructor. The exam fee is $15 collected at the time the exam is
given. The six session class was proven in the spring with a test class in
Albany. Based on the outcome of the two day session in Glens Falls, we will try
to schedule another two day session in Poughkeepsie in September or November. It is my hope that these sessions will end up “training some trainers” to extend to
more classes in future. Just remember that proof of completion of FEMA IS 100
and IS 700 will be needed to qualify to take the final exam.

The two sessions are as

Thursday, April 04 2013 – Thursday, May 09 2013
6:30-10 PM
American Red Cross Northeast NY Region
33 Everett Road
Albany NY 12205

Saturday, April 27 2013 – Saturday, May 04 2013
9 AM – 5 PM
American Red Cross Adirondack Saratoga Chapter
74 Warren St.
Glens Falls NY 12801

While not required, it is highly advisable to have a copy of the ARRL course
textbook prior to the start of this course. A significant discount on the books
is possible if arrangements are made with the instructors in advance. Otherwise
the book is $24.99 directly from the league.

The online course is always an option to obtain the certification individually
with a $50 charge for ARRL members/$85 non-members.

Contact me directly at km2o@… to preregister.

David Galletly KM2O
Section Emergency Coordinator
Eastern New York Section
Follow @enyARES

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