QRP “T” Transmatch Project

Greetings all, figured I’d share with everyone a neat little project of mine that I just recently finished. Built out of parts from my junk box and a few from ebay and hamfests I managed to put together this little miniature “T” (C-L-C) network transmatch:

It uses two polyvaricon capacitors – the kind you’d find in most am/fm pocket radios both with a range of ~11-150pf each, an swr L.E.D. bridge, and 12 position rotary switch connected to a toroid which was taken from an old computer power supply. Range of inductance is from a few fractions of a uH to about 47uH. I built it mainly to reduce weight considering my other “portable” transmatch is a basic “L” network configured as a high pass filter which weighs a bit more and takes almost twice the space as the “T” transmatch. Looking forward to taking it hiking with me when the weather gets better(and warmer). Will be posting some more blogs soon, 73 for now de KC2BNX.