QRP “L” Network Transmatch

Here’s a few pictures of my first homebrew, portable transmatch:

I built it out of spare parts in the junk box and from a few gathered at hamfests. I used a typical radio shack plastic black box, they’re usually sturdy enough. The capacitor is an air variable, silver plated type while the toroid is from an old, scrapped computer supply. The design uses 5 switchs to parallel different inductances which gives about 32 possible combinations, all from a common inductor. The setup is the typical “L” network type with a slight twist: its a high pass design rather than the common low pass type. I also put in a homebrew led swr bridge – one of my first attempts to reproduce a similar circuit by N7VE(http://www.qrpkits.com/files/LED%20SWR%20v1.pdf). Here it is in action with my trusty FT 817 and CTE flameproof navy key atop of Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, NY:

Will try to post some schematics later on when I scan them in. If anyone would like to attempt building some of these circuits you can reach me at kc2bnx@gmail.com – 73 for now de KC2BNX.