Effective December 2, 2010 Club Call K2QS is now an official member of International Morse Preservation Society’s FISTS CW Club.  K2QS has been assigned the number 15350. Thanks to JB WA2WMJ for arranging this.  For CW operators, FISTS has long been the organization to stand behind and support as it goes about preserving and protecting both the history of Morse as well as its future in a digital age.

FISTS provides all levels of operating activities for both old and new operators and the competition is always friendly.  Members strive to act as ambassadors of their respective countries and to be recognized as ‘good’ operators.  The hallmark of a good FISTS operator is quality not speed and always with emphasis on consideration for other operators.

To learn more about FISTS – or perhaps to join this worthy worldwide organization yourself – visit them here

Below is The QSY Society’s Membership Certificate.