2010 Holiday Party

I would like to thank EVERYONE who went to the QSY Society breakfast buffet this morning at the 84 Diner… I think everyone had a good time, it sure did sound like it .

During the event, members who exhibited outstanding service to the club were honored with a certificate of appreciation award.

These members are:

Nick N2QZ
Brenda N2TTO

Chet AB2FF
Bill NG2D

Henry KB2VJP
We also had 2 winners in the holiday drawing… Bill, NG2D XYL won a bottle of wine, I hope you enjoy it. Winning the subscription to CQ magazine went to Richard, K2DTE. I am sure you will enjoy this as well.

BTW, if you took photos, plz post them on the blog…

The representatives for Toys for Tots in our area also attended and walked away with some very nice gifts for the children who are in need of some holiday joy. I personally would like to thank everyone who gave today. See, Santa is real!!!

If you could not attend this year, we missed you and hope you can attend next years.

73 & 88

Scott W2NTV

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